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Waco Central
1.) Your life line is the Dairy Duchess.
2.) You know what the muskie hi is.
3.) You have to walk up hills to go anywhere.
4.) There is no Mc Donald's.
5.) You know what Armark is.
6.) You know what Armark is and wished you hadn't.
7.) You can walk from one end of the city to the other in under 1/2 hour.
8.) If 3/4 the population is students and professors.
9.) The stalls in the bathrooms go to your waist.
10.) You actually have to walk both ways in the snow uphill to get to class.
11.) If you know what "the  quad is".
12.) If you believe in the light and Dark side.
13.) @ The light side always wins.
14.) If you wake up one morning to find chalk everywhere.
15.) You do laundry at 12 AM in the morning.
16.) You ride the elevator for fun.
17.) Your roomate is called the smooth mofo
18.) Napster is your means of entertainment.
19.) You have to drive ten miles to find entertainment.