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Beginning of An Empire
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This page is dedicated to my Book Creation of An Empire. Below you can download the chapters to the book and read it. In the future it will displayed on the site. Someday I will post Book 1 Weaklings

Book 1 Weaklings

- 5 People are taken from Earth. Jake, Charles, Derek, Dustin, and Justin. They then injected with the power of magic in the other world. They were meant to fight for evil but some were taken away by the light side. They were all taught by different masters. Derek and Charles were taught by the evil powers and Jake, Dustin, and Justin were taught by the light. Finally, these powers clash and the friends are forced to fight. Everyone is fighting until Jake realizes what is happening and goes ballistic unleashing power that has never been seen on this plane. Finally, Jake vanishes and the rest of the party forms a union to create a neutrality. This neutrality will fight to stop both the good and evil sides that are always fighting.
Charles and crew find themselves in a forest preparing to create a fortress only to encounter the elves. Jake on the other hand has become a warrior mage but it all comes to an end when the dark forces attack killing the person that saved Jake's life. His last words were "go find the true power" So Jake is ready to go up the mountain to find his true power. While the other crew is trying to form a union with the elves......
The Story now continues