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Main Characters
Jake- One of the 5. He was infused with more magic power than any other. When he gets angry he can summon an immense power. His mentors are Duncan and General Leo. He's is waiting to find his destiny.

Charles- He was the second of the five. He was trained in the high arts of the evil. He was trained by the evil warlord Magus. He hopes to lead the other 3 into a new age.

Derek- The third of the 5. He is the master of the sword. His skills and mental work go beyond that of all except one......

Dustin- The 4th of the five. Trained under the light side by Cloud he has become a holy knight. e has a basic idea of all areas but he's is the master of mechanical creation.

Justin- The final of the five. He has an understanding of life and healing. He can use the powers of holy outright, but suffers an attraction to the dark side. He is also fascinated by the existence of elves.

Magus- The evil warlord. He lives in the valley of the volcanoes. He wants the power of the light orb to combine it with the dark orb to become all powerful.

Luna- The light warlord. She spends all of her time fighting for a so called peace. The dark orb is the prize.

General Leo- a leader in the light army but actually is the leader of the warrior mages. He rescues Jake from the evil side and trains him up until the big battle.

Duncan- The temporary leader of the warrior mages. He trained Jake until the day Leo returned.....

Cloud- The captain of the Skycutter a flying ship. He has a mastery of mechanics and trains Dustin.

Ketha- The original enemy who takes the 5 into another plane. He fight with extreme magic and power. He fights alongside his majesty Magus